5 home improvement ideas for this fall


Fall is a great time to start home improvement projects as it can help prepare your home for winter and provide you with a more comfortable space to hang out when it’s too cold to be outside. If you’re thinking about doing home renovations this fall, here are a few ideas you should keep in mind.

1. Repair or replace your roof

Many roofers recommend having your roof inspected twice a year. Once in spring and again before winter. This is because inspections can help detect damage from snow or summer storms that could cause problems later in the year. Unfortunately, many owners and commercial business owners believe that new roofs are maintenance-free and can forgo these regular inspections and repairs. However, nearly 80% of roofs end up being replaced prematurely due to lack of care. If your roof hasn’t been inspected this year, fall is a good time to have it done so you can repair or replace it as needed before winter sets in.

2. Update your kitchen

Another popular fall home improvement idea is to renovate your kitchen. While kitchen and bathroom renovations have always been popular, since June they have increased again, seeing a 40% increase in demand since the same period last year. This can be largely attributed to the increase in the number of people cooking and eating at home and during the winter it can increase further due to the inconvenience of going out in the cold. Before winter arrives, you might want to take a tour of your kitchen and think of ways to renovate it to make it more functional and enjoyable. After all, outdated and clunky kitchens can make cooking a chore, which no homeowner wants to have to deal with.

3. Winterize your garage floor

Snow and salt can wreak havoc on your garage floor and accelerate their wear and tear. Coating your garage floor with coatings such as epoxy can help prevent damage from chemicals, water, and salt, and make it easier to clean. Such coatings have two functions: protection and decoration. You can often customize epoxy coatings to meet your design needs. However, you will want this done well in advance of winter, as epoxy coatings cannot be installed in temperatures below 50 degrees. If the cold has already set in but you still want a coating, you may want to consider polyaspartic or polyurea coatings instead.

4. Replace old windows

Replacing old drafty windows can also be something to keep in mind when thinking about renovating your home this fall. Not only can they enhance the style of your home, energy efficient windows can also help prevent energy loss and temperature drops. Old windows are one of the easiest places for heat to escape, and without replacing them you could find yourself facing skyrocketing heating bills, not to mention your home will be less comfortable and your CVC will have to work harder. Replacing your old windows now can save you a lot of money and save money once the temperatures start to drop.

5. Replace or repair your HVAC

Speaking of hard-working HVAC systems, fall is a great time to consider having them inspected by a technician so you don’t risk ending up without heat in the dead of winter. Even if you’re not having any issues right now, you’ll still want to make sure everything is in working order and nothing is likely to break down when you need it most. As summers get hotter and winters colder, it can be increasingly dangerous to risk being left without working HVAC during either of these seasonal extremes.

If you’re looking for the best home improvement ideas to finish this fall, keep these five options in mind so you can start eliminating them from your to-do list before winter.

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