Angi Survey reveals the best home projects of 2022

– Two-thirds of owners plan to spend at least $10,000 on home projects this year

– The kitchen remodels the most immediate and important home project for 2022

– Cost is the main barrier to completing residential projects this year

DENVER, February 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Home improvement demand is strong, according to a new survey by Angi, a leading and complete solution for everything related to the home. 89% of homeowners surveyed are planning or working on home projects, with kitchen renovations selected as the most urgent and important home project for 2022.

Angi survey reveals the best home projects in 2022

Of 1,000 homeowners planning or working on real estate projects, 91% say their primary residence needs at least minor renovations, and 36% say it needs major renovations. More than 60% of owners predict that their real estate projects in 2022 will cost $10,000 or more, with 16% predicting total costs greater than $50,000.

“An active real estate market drives the desire to increase value through home improvement projects,” says Micha Fisher, chief economist at Angi. “More than half of homeowners say they are beginning to at least explore the possibility of selling their primary residence, leading to many planned projects to increase the value of their home.”

Goals for 2022 home projects

The number one goal for 2022 residential projects is to fix existing problems (47%), followed by increasing home value (43%), improving aesthetic design (39%), facilitating maintenance (33%) and making the home smarter (31%). While three in five homeowners are excited about real estate projects on their to-do list, almost as many feel overwhelmed or anxious.

“It’s easy to love your home, but it’s not always easy to love taking care of it. Household projects can be stressful and can put a strain on the family in many ways,” adds Fisher. “The more we know about what homeowners are planning, the more we can help them feel well informed and prepared for the home projects they face. At Angi, our goal is to help people feel excited about their upcoming home projects.”

Main projects planned for 2022

Given the time of year, it’s no surprise that temperature control is a top priority for homeowners nationwide. 84% of homeowners planning or undertaking real estate projects in 2022 include a heating-related project on their list. The most common household issues reported by homeowners are drafty windows/doors (44%), uneven heating/air conditioning, and outdated HVAC systems (35% each). Consistent with these issues, the most common projects, planned by more than a third of homeowners, are caulking/weathering around windows and doors and installing a smart thermostat.

Outside of heating-related projects, the most important areas homeowners are working on or planning to work on in 2022 are kitchens or living rooms (14% each), followed by the exterior of the home (12%), bathrooms and bedrooms (11% each). , and exterior landscaping (10%).

As for specific projects, many were planned in 2021 but not completed, while others are new to the top of the list in 2022. Although outdoor landscaping remains a popular planned project in 2022, it was also most likely to have been planned in 2021 but left incomplete. New projects people want to do in 2022 include:

  • Paint or wallpaper: 34%

  • Decor updated: 33%

  • Outdoor landscape: 30%

  • Flooring: 30%

  • Bathrooms: 30%

  • Cooking: 30%

  • Updated storage space (incl. shed, cupboards, etc.): 29%

  • Living room: 25%

  • Room(s): 25%

  • Utilities (HVAC, electrical, plumbing): 24%

Of these projects, the one people want to do first is kitchen remodeling, followed by bathrooms, then bedrooms. Homeowners also rank kitchen renovations highest on their to-do list, followed by living room projects, then bedrooms and landscaping.

2022 House Project Challenges

When it comes to completing their 2022 home improvement plans, more than half of homeowners are concerned about cost, with almost a third seeing it as the biggest hurdle. Other main concerns include time, availability of materials/resources, disruption of family life, and availability of professionals.

“When it comes to real estate projects, it’s essential to plan ahead and allow time for unforeseen delays,” adds Fisher.. “Economic factors such as supply chain issues and inflation may be out of your control, but they shouldn’t completely sideline your next project. A high-quality professional can help you know what you’re looking for. wait – and plan for it – so you can tick all your home projects off your list this year.”

The full survey results are available here.

This scientific random sample of 1,000 American adult homeowners are currently working on home renovations or planning to start home renovations soon. The sample was interviewed between December 14, 2021and December 17, 2021. No weighting was applied. DKC Analytics conducted and analyzed this survey with a sample obtained using the Pollfish survey delivery platform, which offers online surveys worldwide via mobile apps and the mobile web as well as the web Office.

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Finding a pro for a job well done is easy on Angie's List, and more than five million members nationwide use it to help maintain and improve their homes.  (PRNewsfoto/Angie's List)

Finding a pro for a job well done is easy on Angie’s List, and more than five million members nationwide use it to help maintain and improve their homes. (PRNewsfoto/Angie’s List)



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