‘Big Sky’ Premiere Recap: Season 3, Episode 1 – Reba McEntire Debut

I know big sky Season 3 is officially subtitled Deadly Trails. But in my head I go with it company of three.

After all, Jensen Ackles’ addition of Sheriff Beau Arlen created the nicest, prettiest, and funniest dynamic among Cassie, Jenny, and Beau. And even though two of these three can become romantic partners over the episodes, I really appreciate the way they all interact at the start of the season.

But put those hot fluff aside for a moment, because we have a case to solve! Read on for highlights from the premiere, “Do You Love an Apple.”

UNHAPPY PATHS | “Have you ever seen the rain?” by Credence Clearwater Revival pumps out the soundtrack as a hiker sets off down a trail, and all goes well until he reaches a rocky ledge and finds an old-fashioned tape recorder playing music…then sees the scary guy (played by Salem‘s Seth Gabel!) holding a knife standing just behind. The guy prepares to shoot a dead deer that’s nearby, and he calls for help, but the hiker reads the room and quickly gets out of the way. Much later, when the hiker stops to sip his bottle of water and admire the view, the creepy guy is there to greet him. And when he advances, the hiker falls backwards from a cliff.

Meanwhile, Jenny has switched over to Dewell & Hoyt for a little catch-up with Cassie and Denise. Word on the street is that temporary acting sheriff Beau Arlen is going to stay. Jenny hasn’t met his ex-wife yet, but she and Cassie both pay attention to the loving way Beau talks about his daughter. In Other Chores, we find that Lindor and Jerrie have gone after The Syndicate, and Cassie makes it very clear that she’s okay with it, because they’ve broken up. “We’re better off as friends,” she says. “He and Jerrie are a great match.” (WE KNOW!)

The ladies briefly discuss how Cassie will look into the missing backpacker, whose family are concerned and have been in contact. Then Beau pauses just long enough to be ridiculously charming – seriously, I marvel at how this scene would have gone if the actor playing the new sheriff were not Jensen Ackles – then he and Jenny leave.

JUST FRIENDS | Along the way, they place an ad for Tonya’s real estate business. Jenny is still very upset that Tanya isn’t in jail, and while Beau advises her to do some visualizations to help her manage her rage, they notice a man running around in underwear and socks…and nothing else. Turns out it was a correctional officer carrying a prisoner, and she jumped on him. So now she’s “armed, dangerous and dressed like a prison guard,” Arlen says, summing up the situation.

At the station, Jenny and Beau quickly realize that the nearly naked officer is lying. “OK, she seduced me a bit,” he admits. His story of shame is cut short when they receive a call that a prison guard is holding a local market.

The woman is long gone when they arrive, but security footage shows she has taken the market manager hostage. It turns out that he is the brother of her ex-boyfriend, whom she blames for his imprisonment.

big-sky-premiere-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-mcentireWhile Jenny drives Beau to investigate, they discuss his movie night plans with Mrs. Dewell. “Is it weird for you that I’m friends with Cassie?” ” he is asking himself. “Are you really Friends?” she asks, teasing. He says he and Cassie have been bonding over the past two months, but it’s nothing romantic, and he proves it by inviting Jenny to watch the movie with them. Their conversation is interrupted, however, when they arrive at the market manager’s building and the hostage falls from an upper floor balcony, directly onto the car.

Beau stays with the guy – he’s still alive – while Jenny investigates, ignoring his advice to call for backup. All she finds inside are clues that there is a child involved. A quick search reveals that the prisoner, whose name is Faith, escaped to join the ex’s granddaughter, who calls her “Mom”, before the child wandered off. And just as Faith finds the girl at her aunt’s house, Jenny and Beau arrive on the scene and ask Faith to return her gun. Jenny insists on handcuffing Faith quickly, but Sheriff Arlen suggests she give her a minute to say goodbye. She does.

big-sky-premiere-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-mcentireSUNNY DAYS ARE HERE | Outside of town, a woman named Sunny (Reba(Reba McEntire) and her husband, Buck (Young Sheldon‘s Rex Linn), have put the finishing touches on their new glamping site. And when Cassie starts looking for the hiker, she comes across the site. Sunny calls her son, Cormac (Blind spot‘s Luke Mitchell!), to look at the photo of the missing guy, and it’s clear there’s a little something in the mood between him and Mrs. Dewell. Either way, Sunny promises to keep an eye out for the missing outdoorsman.

Soon it’s time for Sunny’s guests to arrive. The group includes Avery (Lost(Henry Ian Cusick) and his daughter Emily; as well as Paige (Gracepointby Madalyn Horcher) and Luke (I have never‘s Anirudh Pisharody), a bickering young couple.

Back at the office, Denise made a connection: the trail the backpacker disappeared from was the site of a brutal mutilation/murder years before – this poor girl’s heart was cut out. Which probably means it’s not a good thing that Luke and Paige, still bickering, are heading down this trail. Also interesting: Emily is hiding nearby, and when Sunny catches her doing so, we learn that Emily’s dad gave her a knife with her name on it and she plans to start a podcast about “secrets and lies”.

big-sky-premiere-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-mcentireAt dinner that night at camp, Luke disappeared. Paige finds him in the woods and teases him out of his bad mood, only to have their makeup session interrupted by tinny music (similar to what we heard Creepy Guy playing at the start of the hour) and dripping blood. on Paige’s face from above.

Sunny and Buck investigate and find a mutilated coyote on the ledge above the couple, calling the matter “nature” and nothing more. And oddly, Luke is okay with that and happy to stay.

big-sky-premiere-recap-season-3-episode-1But of course, things are not as healthy as they first appeared. Later that night, Sunny sits down in front of a campfire…and burns the backpacker picture Cassie left for him. Then she makes a s’more over the flames and goes off, humming, into the dark woods. “I know you are there. Mom brought you a treat,” she cries into the dark. Creepy Guy comes out and Sunny seems happy to see him. “Here,” she said, smiling as she shined the flashlight on her face.

big-sky-premiere-recap-season-3-episode-1-reba-mcentireEVERYTHING BECOMES CLEAR | The movie night in Beau’s Airstream trailer turns out to be a group affair, with Jenny eventually accepting the Sheriff’s offer. At one point, he pulls away for a moment to make a call, and that’s when we learn that Emily from the glamping group is his daughter. (But we already knew that, right TVLiners?)

“Sunny is great, and Emily is probably having a great time,” Cassie tells him, but that doesn’t do much to assuage her feeling that her life misses him – and not her stepdad Avery. “You just continue to be there for her when she needs you, no matter what,” Cassie advises. “You should tell him. Let her know how much she means to you,” Jenny adds. Then they tease him a bit, and I’m surprised at how much I ship ALL of them. Together, separately, I don’t care!

ORDER! | Donno found work as a cook at the Blue Fox Diner, which Tonya now owns. Cassie finds her there, and they exchange sharp words about how Tonya illegitimately became a legitimate businesswoman. Then Cassie announces that she wants to buy Mountain Ranch. “My father left me some money. This ranch was his dream,” she says. Initially, Tonya is resilient. But then Cassie brings up the drug lab in the basement, the murders, and how Tonya will have to disclose it to any potential buyer. “I will send you an offer. It will be fair. If I were you, I’d take it,” Cassie said as she left. Eventually Tanya does: the ranch belongs to Cassie.

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