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A perfect storm has occurred. Never before in the history of our showroom has demand been so high. And we are not unique. Almost all peers in the remodeling industry report record or near record project volume.

There are a number of reasons for the current conditions. Many owners have been working and studying from home for over a year. Many told us that they were tired of their homes and that their homes had had enough of them. They want their home to look, feel and run more efficiently.

Second, those who were fortunate enough to work during the pandemic have more discretionary income that can be used to improve their housing. In addition, interest rates remain at almost historically low levels.

Third, home values ​​are skyrocketing, with demand for new homes far outstripping supply. This combination has made many homeowners realize that they can afford the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams.

What do current market conditions mean for homeowners looking to undertake a renovation project?

Start your research as soon as possible. Determine what works best for your family’s needs and budget, from simply replacing what’s currently in the same location to doing a full-scale renovation that reconfigures and potentially expands the space.

Determine the type of cabinets and counters you want the most. Visit Instagram and Houzz.com among other websites and create your own storyboards with pictures of kitchens and products you desire in your new kitchen. The more decisions you make before visiting a showroom, the better served you will be.

Have realistic expectations. HGTV and other home improvement TV shows are wonderful sources of inspiration. However, they do an incredible service when it comes to time and budget.

Most home improvement TV shows don’t include the cost of labor in their pricing or design, planning, and permits in their time estimates. Prices and deadlines on home improvement television are not realistic in normal times; it’s even worse now.

Don’t be surprised if you are offered a four to six month deadline before your project can start. Beware of anyone who can start earlier. Even though showrooms could start your project earlier, supply chain issues could prevent them from doing so.

You may have heard of the cargo ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal for a week and disrupted world trade. Many manufacturers are producing at full capacity. It is not uncommon to receive shipping dates for new cabinets or appliances 12 to 16 weeks from the date of order.

Backlogs in the supply chain have also affected prices. The price of wood tripled last year. This is another reason to have realistic expectations and to partner with showrooms you can trust.

Check out reviews online, get referrals from family and neighbors, and ask showrooms for a list of referrals from their clients who have undertaken projects similar to the one you are considering.

The lessons of these most extraordinary moments are:

• Start early in the process.

• Get referrals and make sure you trust the showroom that will design the kitchen of your dreams.

• Don’t be surprised if your project can only start three to four months after signing the contract.

• Trust your showroom professional to make sure you have a realistic budget to meet your goals.

• Remember that it may take longer, but the finished product will be well worth it.

What other tips do you need to successfully plan the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams? Call Country Cabinets, Etc. at (603) 356-5766 to make an appointment. Please note: visits to the exhibition hall are by appointment only.


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