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Aesha Scott has joined the cast of Below Deck Med for seasons four and five. Since the end of filming, she has been focusing on herself and her relationship.

Aesha Scott joined the cast of Under the Mediterranean Bridge for season four. She was the second flight attendant and worked alongside stew chef, Hannah Ferrier, and third stews Anastasia Surmava and June Foster. Aesha returned for season five shortly after Hannah was fired, and Bugsy was invited to cook as a chef. During her two seasons, Aesha had her own boat and realized her yachting career.

During Aesha’s first season on the show, she found herself falling in love with Jack, one of the sailors on board. The two fell for each other at the start of the season and were paired until the end. Jack often wrote Aesha poetry and they ended up settling in each other’s bunks on the boat. However, once Jack returned to the UK, he started seeing his ex-girlfriend and Aesha broke their relationship. When Aesha returned for a second season, this time with no intention of starting a relationship, she began to wonder if yachting was right for her or not.

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So what has Aesha been doing since season five of Under the Med Bridge wrapped shoot? The 33-year-old has continued to travel the world, but not on a yacht. The former flight attendant has traveled most of the United States, including places like California and Colorado. Aesha was on a road trip across the United States alongside her boyfriend, Scotty Dobbo. The couple have been together for almost a year now. Aesha introduced Scotty to her followers on Instagram with a cute post in July 2020. In addition to traveling with her new man, the reality TV star traveled to New Zealand in February to attend a friend’s bachelorette party. She and a few of her friends hired a small charter boat for this special day.

After traveling to the United States with her partner, it appears that Aesha has been in New Zealand for a few months. In addition to celebrating more than one bachelorette party and weddings, she also renewed her STCW (Training, Certification and Watch Standards for Seafarers). According to Aesha, the certification expires every five years and she had to have it renewed. Even though she considered giving up her career in yachting, Aesha still works in the industry. She is required to complete a refresher course and must be certified in order to pick up any temporary work that may be available.

Although we don’t know if Aesha will ever appear Under the Med Bridge again, it is possible that she will come back now that she has renewed her STCW. She became beloved among the Under the bridge fans, and they’d be more than excited for her to make a comeback for season six. Outside of her boating career, Aesha enjoyed life with her new man while exploring places she had never been to before.

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