What happened to Jeff? The HGTV Entrepreneur Missed By Fans!



Jeff has become a popular piece of furniture on HGTV’s Unsaleable houses, so it’s no wonder fans want to know what happened to him …

The series sees twin sisters Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb helping homeowners turn their lifeless homes into precious places to live.

When renovating homes, they were usually helped by contractor Jeff Laurence, who has become a fan favorite of HGTV.

Recently he has not appeared on Unsaleable houses, which led viewers to wonder where he is. So what happened to Jeff?

Screenshot: Jeff Laurence, overview of unsaleable homes | HGTV YouTube

Who is Jeff Laurence?

Jeff is the entrepreneur regularly seen on HGTV’s Unsaleable homes.

He is the owner of JL remodeling, which he founded in 2001. The company offers renovations, from kitchen and bathroom renovations, to community projects.

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He’s the show’s home-based entrepreneur, working with twin sisters Lyndsay and Leslie to breathe new life into homes.

Jeff was born in Edmonds and currently lives in the Mill Creek area with his wife Kelli and four children.

In his spare time, Jeff is typically with his family and friends, on the football field – a passion of his for 39 years – or volunteering for missions with his church and around the world.

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Viewers question Jeff’s absence

It’s clear Jeff’s presence isn’t going awry, as fans missed him when he wasn’t on the show.

A spectator wrote: “I love the series, I always look forward to seeing the last episode. But where is entrepreneur Jeff?

Another commented on Leslie’s last post, and mentionned: “I love the new season. Where’s Jeff? I miss seeing him on the show.

Others have also questioned the Unsaleable houses twins on why Jeff didn’t appear in the last two episodes.

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What happened to Jeff about unsaleable houses?

  • Jeff was on vacation for parts of the shoot

The twin sisters, who run Lamb and Company, responded to a fan who asked what happened to the entrepreneur.

They responded to the fan, reassuring them, “He was on vacation. Will be back in a few weeks! He is our n ° 1. “

So don’t worry – Jeff isn’t gone forever, but was just away on vacation. It has been confirmed that he will reappear on Unsaleable houses soon!



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