Wichita Wind Surge offers mac and cheese, funnel fries



WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Whatever food you fancy, the Wichita Wind Surge plans to take their menu out of the park.

“What we’re going to do is surprise everyone on opening night,” said Randy Robinson, director of food and beverage.

Robinson, a seasoned chef, and his team have created a menu with a treat for all members of the family. He showed some of these items to the KSN squad ahead of the home opener.

“We have our hot dogs, our sausages, our kids, our chicken fillets, our pretzels, our cheesesteaks,” he says.

Between the stadium’s many concession stands, fans can find Pizza, Burgers, Dippin ‘Dots, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, French Fries, Funnel Fries, Nachos, Peanuts, Stuffed Grilled Cheese and even garnished mac and cheese.

“I want our food to be something they remember and that’s really what led to a lot of the decisions we’ve made,” said Robinson.

However, not all items will be available at every dealership booth. Instead, specialties like macaroni and cheese and stuffed grilled cheese will be in certain places. Robinson said there was a strategy behind this move.

“This year we want people to walk around the building. We want them to see the different areas, ”he explained.

How is the large selection made possible?

The Riverfront Stadium has a total of eight kitchens. Each concession stand has one, there is one in the basement, two other finishing kitchens throughout the park and one located in the Emprise Bank suite.

“This is the largest and most robust kitchen I have ever had. I’ve never had the capacity to do what we’re doing here, ”said Robinson.

Even the smallest kitchens have fryers, coolers, and automatic cooking ovens.

“I’ve been cooking for 30 years and I can do everything I’ve ever cooked in my career in that kitchen there,” said Robinson.

Robinson and his chef, Kassidy Hibarger, describe the stadium setting as “state of the art”.

Hilbarger, originally from Wichita, worked at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. Robinson spent years at Arrowhead.

“The one thing I’ve learned the most is that if you’re static you’re probably falling behind. The best way to put it is if you build the building for today, you are already 10 years behind the rest. This food program is ready for the next 30 years, ”said Robinson. “This is the real deal.”

How much will a visit to the concession stand cost you?

The average price of an approximate favorite is around $ 5, add a drink to that and a total trip is around $ 9 per person.

A hot dog costs $ 3.75 while a jumbo hot dog will cost $ 5.25. The basket of chicken with fries is $ 10.

“You could have a drink for $ 4 more, so you can walk away spending $ 14,” Robinson said.

Robinson said the goal is to keep things affordable while making a profit. He said when you add the food, drink, and atmosphere together, the price is fair and reasonable. He added that menu items will change throughout the season to keep fans coming back for more.

“By the end of the season, we’ll be doing something that will surprise you,” he said.

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